The marketing mix – Is Google god?

At the annual Quest conference (March) we talked about the traditional marketing mix (think radio, newspaper, TV) and this presentation picks up digital and looks at how Google has influence and tools in this arena.

There are a multitude of Google products that can compliment your marketing mix and we looked at a few of these.

The presentation title also opened a more philosophical debate about the presence, growth and depth of Google that we touch on towards the end.

View the slides below or view on slideshare here. You can also download a pdf of slides here

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With a wide variety of marketing experience Simon heads up the Digital Team at Big Wave Media - a UK marketing agency providing creative marketing solutions for the sport, leisure, arts and entertainment sectors. The Digital Team cover a range of project areas include Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web Build, SMS and eMarketing. Prior to this Simon spent three years with a UK-top-100 PR agency working with a portfolio of clients at a national level and had completed a degree in Electronic Imaging and Media Communication.
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One Response to The marketing mix – Is Google god?

  1. Kim Startup says:

    Great read Simon, thanks for sharing.