Why your business needs its own mobile app.

With 2015 coming to an end, there’s no doubt this year has changed the way we market to our customers. According to an Ofcom report, smartphone users now spend nearly two hours using internet on their mobile phone, nearly twice as much as the average adult spends going online via a desktop. Therefore it’s clear to see that the UK is becoming a smart phone society- and we recommend that you take full advantage of this opportunity.

Working alongside Mobile optimised websites, mobile applications have the potential to transform your users experience for the better. Apps enable businesses to connect with customers in way that improves the user experience and delivers faster access/responses- for example a leisure centre can have timetables, prices, online booking and even special offers all in one easily assessable place for your customers.

With 93% of adults owning/using a mobile phone in the UK and over half of the UK households having a tablet, developing a mobile app can help drive or shape a business in the ever changing mobile world.

Having your own business application is likely to be more convenient than web searches as it has the capability of functioning offline. Therefore if your customer wanted to know an opening time, they could click on the app and it would tell them without having to use the internet. This covers the gap between the offline and online presence as it now gives the users that choice of using the app offline.

Mobile apps can also be seen as an advertising platform solely for your business, meaning that you can advertise for free and can send ‘push notifications’ about the latest offers. Baring this in mind, why wouldn’t you want a mobile app?!

Customer loyalty/retention has the potential to be increased through mobile apps too, you could provide app only special offers and even offer a digital loyalty card- keeping the user actively using the app, where you can therefore cross-sell.

Bigwave media offer bespoke design, setup and hosting of mobile apps with only a monthly payment. To find out more, visit our website or fill out our contact form.

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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is So Effective

Content marketing is a great approach for engaging with your customers. It’s a marketing process used to attract and retain consumers by consistently creating and curating content relevant to your industry or market. The aim is to provide the customer with information about why your product or service is good and that your business is credible, leaving the customer to decide if it is right for them- if the content is good enough, it will persuade them that it is!

Content marketing is tipped to continue to be one of the top marketing trends for 2016, not least by content marketing powerhouse Red Bull, who through a focus on extreme sports and action has turned its brand into more of a lifestyle category than an energy drink. Conversely Equinox’s Q taps into the luxury gym network with a website full of recipes, tips, hotel room workouts and interviews with notable sportspeople.

Here are five reasons why content marketing is so effective.

1. Engagement throughout the customer journey

Our aim through marketing is to engage with the customer and influence their decision to purchase a product or service. Good content accelerates the purchasing process by providing richer information to customers, showcasing a company’s expertise and evidencing how you can meet their needs. It also allows a business to stay connected to the customer and provide support before, during and after the purchase.

2. Building your brand

Content marketing builds on an organisations tone of voice. Content is personal to your company, and reflects the organisations culture, target market and customer base, which in turn builds brand loyalty. You can read our guide 5 ways to build a strong brand for more information on this. Content marketing allows companies to react in real time, provide increased transparency to customers and create a strong brand identity. It can make your brand an authority on your subject.

3. Increasing traffic to your website

Updating the site with frequent, relevant and high quality content will give the site a positive impact on search rankings. When content receives attention, links within the articles can drive the reader to other pages on the website, keeping the reader on your website for longer. Optimising the SEO and keyword research for each content piece will mean it has a higher chance of appearing in results and being shared by people, which also in turn allows a higher number of people to discover your site and bring traffic back to it.

4. Increasing customer retention and loyalty

All too often, focus on the customer ends once the purchase has been completed, and they drop off the radar. Content marketing continues the engagement with the customer, providing them with relevant updates and news. L’Oreal uses Makeup.com to keep their existing customers engaged, providing beauty tips and tutorials for using the latest makeup, without overtly pushing their own products. Content marketing is one of the best ways to reduce churn and improve customer retention.

5. Staying ahead of the competition

Most organisations are strapped for time and often marketing output tends to be reactive rather than proactive. Dedicating time to curating content and researching your industry will provide you with relevant and up to date market knowledge on current and upcoming trends, which can also be used to inform business decisions. It can also help you to get to know your demographic better and familiarise yourself with the changing needs of your customers, giving you a competitive advantage.

Bigwave media offer a range of marketing content services from training and content management to campaigns. To find out more, please get in touch or tweet us @bigwavemedia.

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Volunteering at the England Rugby World Cup 2015

Some of the Accreditation team with Erika on the top right

Bigwave’s very own Erika Smith volunteered at the Rugby World Cup 2015, she details her intriguing experience below:

My England 2015 Rugby World Cup journey began almost 18 months ago when I registered my interest as a volunteer. I was 1 of 20,000 applicants nationally who applied; 10,000 of which were interviewed and 6,000 were accepted for a position as ‘Part of The Pack’.

Erika in her RWC uniform

The Pack training began with a visit to Milton Keynes for a team building session in May, followed with online modules, individual Functional Area in Bristol training and Home Turf training in Exeter.

Accreditation Team at Sandy Park

My role was in the 350 strong Accreditation Team was to assist with the distribution of 50,000 RWC 2015 accreditation passes to everyone that needed to attend any of the 13 venues across 11 cities who wasn’t a tournament guest or spectator. This meant dealing with many different people from client groups, players, broadcasters and press to caters, contractors and the Pack workforce.

Twickenham- Opening Ceremony

My interest in rugby has developed intensely over the past 6-7 years. I have gone from watching my first game on TV in 2008, to playing rugby myself for a local league in England and later in Australia. I have also managed to squeeze in going to multiple England International matches and 7s tournaments, whilst gaining my IRB Level 1 Rugby Union Coach qualification. I enjoy the camaraderie (anyone associated with the game or any member club will understand this) and clubs I had been members of and wanted to give something back. I decided that I wanted to be involved in the next Rugby World Cup in some way when watching the Women’s RWC tournament hosted by England in 2010.

Twickenham- Opening Ceremony

As a ‘big team player’ I knew I would enjoy volunteering. I hadn’t been part of the London Olympics 2012 or the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 but I have friends who were ‘Games Makers’ who had told me about their experiences and I wanted to do something similar. When I heard England were hosting RWC 2015 I realised this was the perfect ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for me – I even changed my ‘5 year plan’ for this tournament.

England v Fiji

I volunteered at Sandy Park, Exeter for 7 days in the Accreditation Team with a team of 15 (5 for each shift) from all different backgrounds and have met number of big name ex-players of the game, media and even Royalty. However for me it was all about being a part of an event that could expand international interest of rugby for future generations. I was offered the opportunity to volunteer at Twickenham Stadium for the RWC final with the Spectator Services! Having thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Sandy Park, of course I said yes!

Bigwave’s Kerry and Erika at the Namibia v Georgia

Volunteering for a large international event has been very rewarding and although rugby has been a key focus for me, the experience has meant sparked an interest in large events and I now considering volunteering for the Cricket World Cup 2019 – and I know nothing about cricket, yet!

Namibia v Georgia at Sandy Park

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Introducing Twitter Polls


image: iStock

Receiving feedback from consumers on Twitter has previously been fixed through tweeting ‘RT for Yes Fav for No’ or tracking hashtags- But these seem a little off centre as it doesn’t produce much engagement. However, this new tool announced by Twitter will revolutionise the way businesses- big or small- can engage and receive feedback from consumers via this social network.

During 2015, Twitter experimented with Twitter Polls for big brands and personalities (We remember partaking in a Phillip Schofield Poll!). With the success of these polls, Twitter have recently announced that this engagement tool will be available for everyone.


image: Twitter

The poll is led by a tweet- usually the question and then followed by the two possible answers, the poll remains live for 24 hours where users can vote privately. After the 24 hours is up, the poll is still visible and the results of the poll are shown in percentage form.

So what does this mean for your business? Simple, a higher chance of increased engagement, often many people don’t share and retweet posts as they don’t want them to show up on their much loved profile. However with this Twitter poll, users can engage with the poll privately without it adding to their profile or Twitter noise, which means a small percentage of people who usually don’t engage now are more likely to. This quick engagement tool will enable you to analyse a certain topic such as ‘what is your favourite exercise class’ or even partake in real time engagement ‘who do you want to win the Rugby World Cup?’ This engagement keeps your business known in the swarm of Twitter Timelines, and has the potential to stop people scrolling and pay attention to your poll.

image: Twitter

Here at Bigwave, we believe this is a brilliant announcement from Twitter as this can really help small businesses engage with their audience and understand exactly what they want! Bigwave media is a creative marketing agency working with clients across the UK. To discuss Twitter Polls or social media services that we offer, please contact us on 0845 643 2385 or complete our contact form.

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How to use Memes for Business.

A meme is defined as an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. With that definition alone- wouldn’t you want to have business based memes? Here at Bigwave, we believe in businesses creating memes based on their services. So we thought we would write a blog post explaining what a meme is and how it can affect your business.

A meme is generically a photo with a word or phrase incorporated onto the image. There are several different angles that your business can take on creating memes, the most popular theme on social media is humour. This is usually witty comments with an amusing image which, if created correctly, has the ability to spread like wildfire over the internet.

Although these types of memes are popular, they probably wouldn’t be most suited to your business. This is because these types of memes usual have a dry sense of humour, which means it will be highly likely to offend- no one wants to offend their customers.

Another type of meme is Inspirational memes, this could include inspirational quotes which will obviously inspire the user and could lead to the user purchasing your product/service.

Everybody loves a good fact, and creating them in meme format is even better! The use of imagery is like gold dust on social media and using memes is a fantastic way to illuminate your business. Especially when timelines are swamped with other businesses trying to get themselves known.

Here at Bigwave, we offer the design and creation of memes to suit your business. Below are a few examples that we’ve created for some of our clients. They include inspirational memes, fitness memes and pun related memes:

The main benefit of memes are that they spread awareness of your brand on all social media channels. Memes are also relatively cheap to set up, with the design of the meme being the only cost. Which, unlike Facebook ads- if your meme creates a wide interest and engagement then you won’t have to pay per click. Which could be classed as one of the cheapest marketing methods.

Memes also allow your business to stay relevant on social media, it’s often difficult to update your website to relevant trends. However memes are an efficient and low cost way to stay relevant to your consumers.

Bigwave media is a creative marketing agency working with clients across the UK, all images used in this blog have been designed and created by Bigwave. To discuss the design and creation of memes that we can help you develop, please contact us on 0845 643 2385 or complete our contact form.

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How Hootsuite can Transform your Business.

image: Hootpress

Juggling social media channels can often be difficult, and establishing the line between an organised number of tabs open and a disorganised mess of tabs open can be even harder. Hootsuite eliminates these problems by supplying a system that can have all social media channels under one roof. We’ve summed up the best bits about the subscription based system and how it can transform your business to become more efficient.

Hootsuite enables members to manage several social media/web sites on one stream including:

There is also a feature which allows the user to add other channels such as YouTube, but this increases the monthly fee.

In terms of content, Hootsuite enables users to schedule posts with no date restriction- you can currently post in 2019 if you wish! It also has a feature where you can schedule bulk tweets at once, which is much better than uploading each individual tweet.

Using a Twitter account on Hootsuite has the biggest amount of benefits, not only can you bulk upload tweets, but you can add a stream of Keywords into your tab. For example, here at Bigwave, we would have a stream with the word ‘Bigwave’ and another for ‘Marketing Exeter’ to see whats happening outside our mentions.  It is also possible to see individual page dashboards and users are able to retweet, favourite and reply to any tweets.

One useful feature of this system is that it can give monthly analytics on how the pages have performed, incorporated into this is Google analytics which can give some great insights into how your business is performing in terms of web.

All-in-all, Hootsuite can transform your business by increasing the efficiency. Your businesses social media channels will be more in-sync and will enable you to spend more time on other project.

Here at Bigwave, we’ve been shouting about Hootsuite for years and have incorporated it into many of our services. If you would like to know more about how Hootsuite can benefit your business, feel free to contact us here.

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Marketing on Instagram

Image: iStock

With over 400 million monthly active users and 2.5 billion likes daily, its no wonder why Instagram introduced sponsored photos and videos onto their stream. The sponsored posts was first tested for the big brands such as Philadelphia and L’Oréal Paris. However, as of September 9th, any brand can sponsor their post. We have decided to share our thoughts on the new service available to any business.

Digital and traditional marketing methods such as Facebook and Twitter have a stricter rule on what you can post in comparison to Instagram, it allows a brand to be more creative with their content which can capture their audience in a different way to other social media sites. However, one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make on Instagram is the content of the photos, you have to make sure that the content your posting, people want you to see on their timeline. The main question you need to ask yourself is ‘would you like that post?’, you don’t want to be that generic company that shows off your new services such as a new stapler in stock.

Image: instagram.com

One feature on Instagram is that businesses can post carousel type photos, these don’t have to be photos of your services, it could include interesting abstract photos or quotes. By having a carousel type ads, the advert creates more depth to the post, enabling your business to tell a story through imagery. Don’t have to directly post about your business, merely increasing your following will increase awareness of your brand.

Image: instagram.com

Instagram have also introduced 15 second videos for users, this has also available in Ad formats (30 seconds), and therefore your brand can engage in richer storytelling. This could resemble a TV ad but for a minuscule price. One advantage that Instagram has over TV is that the Instagram video is more suited to your audience, whereas TV ads aren’t a niche market and are dominated by big brands. If a user swipes your ad, they are actively engaging into it, however with other social media platforms and TV ads, the user doesn’t have to actively swipe the advert.

Instagram ads can reach a wide audience fast without the user actively ‘sharing’ the post. Liking an Instagram post adds the post to the private stream where the user can only see it. Merely liking the post will appear on other peoples streams that follow that user, meaning that your reach and impressions will be very high.

With Instagram marketing being a new development and concept, this may cause an overload of businesses wanting to post on app. However Instagram isn’t just one stream which means most people will only have one or two ads on their stream at one time, making it a perfect platform for marketers.

We are pleased that Instagram are finally letting Small – Medium businesses advertise on their app. This new development will be revolutionary and will allow businesses to increase awareness of their brand and could potentially increase sales.

Here at Bigwave we are able to help manage and run pay per click campaigns across a range of social and search networks including Instagram. To discuss campaign ideas that we can help you develop, please contact us on 0845 643 2385 or complete our contact form.


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PR Key Calendar Dates October – December 2015

In order for campaigns to remain current, it can often be useful to base your ideas around significant events taking place throughout the year. We advise clients to start preparing for campaigns at least 1 month in advance – so we’ve put together a list of important dates to add to the diary for 2015, to help you stay organised and to ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Please note: this list is not definitive and will be updated as and when new dates are confirmed.



  • 1st International Day of Older Persons
  • 3rd Grandparent’s Day
  • (dates vary) Autumn Half Term
  • 25th British Summertime Ends, clocks go back 1 hour
  • 31st Halloween



  • 1st-30th Movember
  • 1st-30th Lung Cancer Awareness Month
  • 4th National Stress Awareness Day
  • 5th Guy Fawkes Night
  • 8th Remembrance Sunday
  • 11th Armistice Day
  • 13th World Kindness Day
  • 14th World Diabetes Day
  • 27th Black Friday
  • 29th First day of Advent
  • 30th Cyber Monday
  • (TBC) Children in Need



  • 1st Countdown to Christmas
  • (dates vary) School Christmas Holidays
  • (TBC) Sports Personality of the Year Awards
  • 24th Christmas Eve
  • 25th Christmas Day
  • 26th Boxing Day
  • 28th Bank Holiday
  • 31st New Year’s Eve


Bigwave media is a creative marketing agency working with clients across the UK. To discuss campaign ideas that we can help you develop, please contact us on 0845 643 2385 or complete our contact form.

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Bigwave Media expands the team further

Bigwave Media is continuing its eight-year period of growth with the appointment of David Johns as Business Development Manager.

Formerly working as a Partnership Development Manager with sport and exercise charity Active Nation, Johns, 54, has enjoyed a long career in sports and exercise management, across public, private and not-for-profit organisations, including DC Leisure (now Places for People Leisure), SLM Everyone Active and Oldham Community Leisure.

The new role with Bigwave Media, which has more than 100 leisure industry clients and serves over 430 leisure facilities across the UK, will see him working directly with clients to review, monitor and strategically support the commercial activity in key areas, such as sales, process, culture, best practice and marketing initiatives, ensuring this support is centred on creating value for clients by providing business and marketing performance improvement.

Tom Gozna, Operations Director at Bigwave Media, which now has 42 members of staff, said:  “We are aiding business growth and increased participation in sport and activity across our client base throughout the UK, which has lead to a demand for more staff to deliver the hands on marketing support we provide.

“David will be working with clients to support business growth in key income areas – looking at bespoke business and marketing services for new potential clients and helping existing clients to drive their income and results.”

“As a previous client of Big Wave Media, I’ve experienced the breadth and depth of their insight and impact, and directly benefited from their services: including demographics, marketing support, creative design and business solutions,” said Johns.  “Having followed the company’s expansion in recent years, I am proud to now be a part of the team, committed to help build on its renown as a respected and trusted supplier of services and solutions to the leisure industry.”

One of the architects of Active Nation’s mission and brand when it was set up in 2009, Johns supported contracts across the charity’s portfolio of District, Borough and City Councils, as well as Clinical Commissioning Groups.  He mobilised new contracts, managed capital investment projects and worked with sports National Governing Bodies and County Sports Partnerships, including hosting pre-Olympic and Commonwealth Games training camps for the Australian and Canadian badminton teams.

Johns has previously worked with Bigwave Media’s Sales Director, Nick Masson, at DC Leisure in 2005, where they were both Business Development Managers, and subsequently when mentoring SLM Everyone Active’s team at St. Paul’s Community Sports Academy to become the first leisure centre to achieve Quest Sports Development in 2008.

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Bigwave’s Summer of Fun

As the days become shorter and nights become colder, we’d thought we would reflect on Bigwave’s summer. From winning the rounders league to creating an Instagram account, catch up with our achievements over the past couple of months…


Michelmore’s 5k Charity Run

Some of team Bigwave took part in the Michelmores 5k charity run, the run managed to raise £25,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Exeter Business Games

With our very own Debbi organising the events, Bigwave managed to take part in some of the team building activities. Find out more about the power of team building here.

New Interns

Throughout the summer, we’ve had to say goodbye to our placement student Rosie, but have said hello to the new junior digital account manager Abbie for the next year. We’ve also had a number of interns join us this summer for 4-6 weeks.


Workplace Rounders

At the beginning of summer, Active Devon held a rounder’s tournament for businesses in Exeter for 6 weeks, a group of Bigwaver’s entered and the rest is history. Bigwave won the league with creative director Lee scoring 6 rounders in one round!

Recommended Agency Register

We are pleased to announce that Bigwave Media have been placed on the Recommended Agency Register for the second year in a row! We’re delighted to be included in the register, our business would be nothing without our clients so it means a huge amount to be so highly rated by them.

New Instagram Account


Yes that’s right, Bigwave now have an Instagram account and will be posting ‘behind the scenes’ of Bigwave. To find out what the fuss is about follow us on @bigwaveagency.


2,500 Twitter Followers

During August we hit a milestone of 2,500 Twitter followers, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you! If you don’t follow us… you can do here.

Hack 2015

Staff training days can be tedious so here at Bigwave, we’ve taken a different approach to engage all members of staff- Hack 2015. This is an apprentice style training day with members from all departments split into groups and handed a task. This year it took the form of the Biscuit Elections 2015- where the groups had to prove why their biscuit was the best. Find out more in our Hack 2015 Blog post.

Ping Pong Championship

During the end of June active Devon generously gifted Bigwave a Ping Pong set, with a meeting table to spare, this was set up in a couple of minutes. The annual Bigwave Ping Pong tournament was soon set up, everyone in the office had the chance to play. Several rounds later and the final got narrowed down to two people… Business manager Chris and Graphic Designer Jeff. To find out who won… keep an eye out on our YouTube channel.

So that was our Summer of Fun here at Bigwave, we would love to here what you did over summer, simply tweet us @bigwavemedia.


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